York, PA Portrait and Wedding photographer.
Heads up everyone!  My email is now sroyerphoto@yahoo.com!  No more typing out a book just to type my email address!
I am looking to revamp my portfolio. if anyone is intered in modelling or volunteering someone to model, send me an email at stephanieroyerphotography@rocketmail.com!
So, I am very excited to announce that my accidental hiatus is over. I am recharged and ready to start shooting again. I will be looking for models for fun projects very soon.  Details to follow!
And I cannot believe it is all over.  One chapter of my life has closed and another is opening.  I have no grand plan, or scheme.  All I know is that I am doing exactly what I want to be. 
It is official.  I have moved back to York County.  College is over, and all that is left is to receive that diploma!!  I am super excited to start enjoying this incresingly warm weather and have many photography sessions.
I just realized today is April 6th.  My college courses end May 3rd.  That is less than a month.  Oh my.
So in the midst of printing out my final portfolio for school,  I decided to revamp my website.  I think it looks much better now.  I am staying on top of my assignments (barely) and am looking foward to the career fair, where I can show off my personality and work to much better professionals. My roommate and I are the only ones in the printing lab currently,  so the music is blaring and we are just having a good old time.  I must say, I will extremely miss this.....  But anyway, stay healthy and safe until the next time!!!